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Now you too can channel the Secretary of Defense and his inimitable speaking style! The sheet music for The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld is available exclusively from Stuffed Penguin. We have both High Voice and Medium Voice editions. The scores are available for sale in our secure online store. We think you'll enjoy the songs and the scores and will be pleased with their quality.

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The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld

Seven songs for voice and piano

Vocal Score


Composer: Bryant Kong

Editions: High Voice (original key), Medium Voice

Score: Professional quality booklet, heavy paper with heavy cover, 44 pages.

Extras: Complete lyrics with sources, Foreword by the composer, Cadenza for "Happenings" performed by artists Elender Wall and Bryant Kong.

Range (High Voice): Full range is from B flat below to A above the treble staff (cadenza has optional B flat above). Almost all the notes are comfortably between D below and G above. Only "Happenings" uses the full range.
Range (Medium Voice): A minor third lower than High Voice.


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